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ACE Women's Network

Since 1977, the American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network has provided information, counsel, connections, and resources to constituencies within the higher education community regarding policies, issues, education, and research that influence women’s equity, diversity, and advancement.

As the Utah affiliate to the larger system of networks within the ACE Women’s Network, UWHEN shares the ACE Women’s Network mission to advance women’s leadership on higher education campuses through IDEALS:

  • Identifying women leaders.

  • Developing women’s leadership abilities.

  • Encouraging the use of leadership abilities.

  • Advancing women’s careers.

  • Linking women to other women and mentors.

  • Supporting women in mid- and executive-level positions.

A primary initiative of the ACE Women’s Network is Moving the Needle, which includes four goals and efforts to ensure 50% of US college and university presidencies are filled by women by the year 2030 (as of 2017, this number is 30%).

  1. Generate a national sense of urgency elevating the need for advancing women in higher education leadership positions.

  2. Encourage governing boards and other higher education institutional decision- and policy-making bodies to consider practices for recruiting and hiring women to chief executive offices.

  3. Achieve women’s advancement to mid-level and senior-level positions in higher education administration by building capacities in women and in institutions.

  4. Suggest practices and models that recognize success in advancing women in higher education.

To learn more about the ACE Women’s network and its programs and initiatives, visit the website.

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